Internship Blog Post: My Tile Crush… Mosaique Surface

After scrolling through Pinterest, 1st Dibs, and Domino for inspiration and creative ideas for a new blog post, we came across a custom tile company that cannot even be put into words. It is truly some of the most beautifully detailed tiles we’ve ever laid eyes on from Mosaique Surface. Have you ever seen such detail and impeccable design?!



Each pattern is custom made with waterjet cutting technology which makes cutting complex designs much simpler compared to traditional stone cutting tools. They have a few collections that are constantly in stock, but most of the really interesting ones are made-to-order which just ensures its quality!



We thoroughly dug through the entire website’s collections and came up with a few lists of favorites categorized by color scheme! There were so many to choose from and plenty of goodies did not make the cut… our advice is to do some of your own searching if you’re interested in these products.

Black & White:

1. Ashford Black // 2. Ludlow Black // 3. Oxford Black // 4. Solo // 5. Clemetite // 6. Coffre // 7. Castile // 8. Dundass // 9. Coco // 10. Costes

Blue / Gray:

1. Warwick Blue // 2. Rio Grande // 3. Chicago // 4. Ludlow Blue // 5. Windsor Blue // 6. Artmeis Cold // 7. Bourdain // 8. Moscow // 9. Lanvin // 10. Esplande 


1. Ludlow Beiege // 2. Windsor Beige // 3. Milos Rectangle // 4. Federico // 5. Fan Pattern // 6. Mamzel Petite // 7. Adora // 8. Mamzel Grande // 9. Penelope // 10. Athenee Grande 

Since this company is based out of Canada and considering the fact that many of their products are made-to-order, it’s definitely easiest to purchase online. However there are a few distributors right here in Austin where you could go in person to take a look at some of the spectacular designs.

This blog was made during an internship with Paula Ables Interiors.


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