Internship Blog Post: Most Stylish Mid Century Replicas

Don’t we all wish we could live in a home filled with the world’s most iconic furniture pieces?! For most, it’s a bit unrealistic to expect an entire house packed with Design Within Reach pieces. But West Elm, among many other great companies, have come pretty close to mastering these designs while adding a little bit of their own personal style with these replicas.

1. Black Leather Armchair (Authentic & Replica)

This is such a classic design that can fit into so many different styles of homes. We always love a good black leather and a beautiful walnut wood combination.

2. Cherry “Womb” Chair (Authentic & Replica)

Perfect for a statement piece in a lounge room and also unbelievably comfortable (especially with that ottoman.) This is the type of chair that the family will be fighting over.

3. Creme Swivel Chair (Authentic & Replica)

We love the universally chic color.. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they’re more than that. The wide arms and swivel make them actually useable instead of a pretty chair to look at.

4. Tall Back Leather Chair (Authentic & Replica)

We think either of these designs would be stunning in a study or reading room. Somewhere in a corner, made for lounging and reading and basking in sunlight…

5. Simple Wooden Armchair (Authentic & Replica)

Super similar to the first chair- it’s just a basic, yet elegant, armchair that can fit in with a variety of styles. Add a tribal print throw pillow and a shag rug for an eclectic look.

6. Rounded Armchair (Authentic & Replica)

Another great statement chair! This one definitely has a more visible difference since the replica is velvet and metal legs, but we kind of like that difference better maybe…

7. Lounge Chair (Authentic & Replica)

If you’ve always wanted an Eames lounge chair, but can’t find afford, this replica is a great option because it doesn’t look like a cheap knock off. It truly looks like a design that was just inspired because it was some strong differences.


This blog post was made during an internship with Paula Ables Interiors.


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