Internship Blog: Favorite Tile Trends This Summer

Good tile work has the ability to completely transform a drab space into something stunning. This is what our eyes are immediately drawn to in the kitchen or in the powder room. What’s the best part? Tile variations are endless! The amount of materials, patterns, and placements seem never ending- which means there will always be something that attracts you. We’ve been loving all the new classics and eclectic tiles recently, I can’t seem to get off Pinterest for the life of me! It’s time to discuss them.

Subway Tile with Black Grout

I ett snart hundraårigt hus vid Hornstull har Angelica Grimborg skapat en mysig minitrea till sig och dottern Evy.


I love the mix of materials and colours in this kitchen. The black rangehood works beautifully with the charcoal grout on the subway tiled splashback.


This bathroom is the perfect mixture of black and white to create a modern monochrome bathroom space. I love the floor tiles and the metro wall tiles. The addition of the large plant softens the space with greenery.


This look is so classic, yet it also carries a modern elegance with it. The simplistic design works perfectly with practically any style- modern, farmhouse, traditional, eclectic… the list goes on. We love how it looks so effortless in a very small or even a very large home. If you can’t make up your mind on what tile to go for, this is an easy bet.


Patterned Cement Tile

The Colors of Cuba: Cuban Design Inspiration


Green cement tile and marble counter with brass hardware and sconces in a modern master bath


The Finished Patio (with the tile!)


Cement tiles with extravagant patterns seem to be some of the biggest trends right now, and there’s so many reasons why:

  1. They’re versatile… the combination of the patterns and materials makes it fitting for almost any space- walls, flooring, patios, stairs, or even an accent wall/floor.
  2. They’re durable… just wipe it down & hose it off. Cement is made to last, and if taken care of it properly (which isn’t hard), you’ll be loving your tiles for the next 20 years.
  3. They’re environmentally conscious… made of natural materials and natural pigments, these tiles are sure to keep any home “green”. When they’re processed, there’s no fuel nor fire. So no fossil fuels are burnt in the process.


Are you looking to update your bathroom? Changing out your standard vanity for a custom or pre-built vanity is a great way to do this!


looks like the tile border is simply made with herringbone tiles in a diff color… annoying but not crazy to do


One to tuck in the dream house folder--the ideal bathroom that comes with two shower heads!


We can not get enough of herringbone. Just look at the differences between all those photos, yet they’re using the exact same pattern. These tiles look great in a kitchen back-splash, laundry room flooring, or an accent shower wall. Changing up the color, material, and sizing can be just what you need to transform a space.

New-Age Penny & Hexagonal Tiles

Designed by SuzAnn Keltzein, the dark walls and geometric tiles in this "dramatic" washroom get an extra dose of luxury with a lavish chandelier. Bonus points for the asymmetrical claw-footed tub.


Jennifer Glover - Contemporary shared kids' bathroom features white glass penny tiles accented with blue glass penny tiles spelling out "boys" and "girls" in front of a white dual washstand adorning campaign pulls.


GRT_Croton_Living_Room_Bar_017 1.jpg


These are as classic as it gets. The small, rounded or hexagonal tiles can be used in a simple solid white design (like they’ve historically been done, but is still so great!!) or add some eccentricity to it like these examples. Our favorites have been the original use of word play between the tiles. The labeling of girls vs. boys or even a simple “laundry” under your washer/dryer set can look fabulous while also personalizing your home.

This blog post was made during an internship with Paula Ables Interiors.


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